My Experience with Mountains

A few years ago I made a little book, using Blurb. In fact, it was a large, square, hardback book. And I was so proud to design it myself and have it 'printed on demand'.

Front cover PDF book - My Experience with Mountain
Front cover PDF book - My Experience with Mountain

I wrote words, fragments, phrases and short poems inspired by how the mountains made me feel.

Their bulk made me feel small, their grandeur put me in awe, their stature put everything into perspective.

I made sure the pictures were HUGE so they would print well. Unfortunately they were only taken on a mobile phone and some through the car windscreen.

But still: I did it and I'd like to do it again some time, but probably better.

There's a PDF version too: click on the image above or download: My Experience with Mountains.

I hope you like it!