Documenting & Diarising

I've been a keen preserver of memories and stories since I started writing a diary as a teenager. As an adult, I'm a proud contributor to the Mass Observation Archive (a la 'Housewife 49') and keep all kinds of ephemera from my life in the form of scrapbooks, art journals, junk journals, diaries, notes, letters and postcards. Emails too. It feels like an important part of my life now, and for future reflection.

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12th May Diaries

I always try to write my diary for this day and send it away to the Mass Observation Archive. I don't always publish it...

Vintage postcard.jpg

Vintage Postcards

I love finding and reading old postcards in charity shops and vintage shops. The stories people choose to tell in their alloted, sparse space is like a 'Tweet' from the past. Sometimes the writing is almost illegible...

Julian Trevelyan's suitcase.jpg

Julian Trevelyan

While visiting the Mass Observation exhibition a few years ago at The Photographer's Gallery in London, I got to snoop inside Julian Trevelyan's suitcase...