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Ideas are like buses and oxymorons; abundantly sporadic. Inspirations are similar.



Some days I have so many ideas I can't capture them fast enough. Other days are like a Sunday service.

But I know I'll never run out of ideas. Ideas abound, roller-coaster riding off in tangents, around corners, up hills, down alleys and through ‘caverns measureless to man…’

I’d be delighted to know that one of my ideas had piqued someone else’s imagination. I want to share and I aim to inspire, and I know that as a truly creative person, I will always have another idea waiting for me along the creative path.

By all means quote me or reference me or link back to my posts if you find them inspiring (or you could let me know if you want). It would make my day. Truly.

But please don’t out-and-out steal my creative soul. You’ll only be cheating yourself. (And creative karma will find you.)

I believe everyone has the capacity to manifest their own creativity and their own ideas.

The End