Thursday Birthday! / by daintydora

I love the day Thursday. I was born on a Thursday, which makes it extra-super-special to have my birthday on a Thursday. Thursday Birthday Banner

I'll be drawing my breakfast (for TinkerSketch), wearing my favourite perfume (Chanel Coco Noir), eating cake, smiling brightly, feeling spritely and spirited and birthday-special the way only a birthday can make you feel. I'll chatter ten to the dozen and feel alive.

Because it's my BIRTHDAY and I'm in my prime and feel so lucky in life. There's magic everywhere and on this day nothing can take that away from me.

(And then I'm hoping for oysters and chips for dinner with maybe a glass of champagne...)

Did I mention I was going on a spa weekend break?

Happy Birthday to me, and everyone else who's special birthday-day is today, Thursday, 26th February x