Taking Stock: December 2014 / by daintydora

'Taking Stock' is such a lovely thing to do to get things straight in your head, mark a point in time and reflect on things past, present and future. It was started by the wonderful Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes, and as we approach the end of 2014, it feels like a great time to 'take stock'.

Sunday is the perfect day too!

Festive Flowers


Making: Irish Soda Bread. Yum. I love that it's so quick, easy, and best of all - yeast and sugar free Cooking: up Christmas plans Drinking: Japanese matcha tea (antioxidants abound) Reading: 'The Mammoth book of Shark Attacks'. I'll never swim in the sea again! Wanting: peace & love on earth for all Looking: forward to relaxing over Christmas Listening: to Christmas choir music. 'Gaudete' has me enthralled although I have no idea what the words mean Deciding: that I'd like to meditate everyday Wishing: on a star Enjoying: the wonders of winter Waiting: for my Collage Scrap Exchange 'scraps' to arrive Liking: the Christmas wreath I made from birch wood yesterday (not the best photo, and I need trim those ends, but you get the idea)

Birch Wood WreathWondering: if it will be a 'white Christmas' this year? Loving: cosy nights in Pondering: big nights out Considering: my plans and focus for 2015 Watching: Game of Thrones Hoping: for days that are merry and bright Marvelling: at this amazing Christmas tree, carved from a tiny piece of wood Needing: a big hug Smelling: uplifting scents of Rosemary and Cypress essential oils Wearing: big, cosy Lowie socks Following: loads of poetry and literary journals on Twitter Noticing: how fast time is passing these days... Knowing: I've done my best Thinking: about a huge declutter in January Admiring:  the achievements and *fabulousness* of my fellow Blog with Pip 'Pipsters' Sorting: through papers and magazines and photographs Buying: Christmas presents, but not too many Getting: excited about the holidays Bookmarking: projects and writing competitions for 2015 Disliking: the commercialisation of Christmas Opening: my mind to new things Giggling: over this video for Grantown 250 (the town where I went to school and a celebration of its 250 year anniversary in 2015)

Feeling: a little bit melancholy. Maybe it's that Sunday night feeling? (or maybe I should watch that video again?!) Snacking: on M&S Florentines. Thanks Mum! Coveting: a cashmere dressing gown Helping: the birds to survive this winter with tasty snacks of nuts, seeds, fat balls and cheese (I realised only recently that you're not supposed to feed them bread) Hearing: next door's music - at least it's cheery and festive!

So many good things here and so much to look forward to and be grateful for as Christmas and New Year approach.

Copy this list to 'Take Stock' too.