this week I---

Friday Diary: This week I... by daintydora

This week wasn't an exceptional, extraordinary week, but it started with SPRING. Spring in the garden and a spring clean. There was a lot of sunshine and that felt good.

#100daysofhaiku Day 5/100

And this is a Friday diary and so this week I...


  • Wrote 2,000 words per day for three days = 6,000 words towards my novel. That felt great.
  • Finished reading Lena Dunham's book 'Not That Kind of Girl'. Wow.
  • Started reading Cyndi Lauper's Memoir. Wow.
  • Discovered the benefits of Aloe Vera gel. Wow.
  • Went to a gig & wore a vintage dress & wrote postcards while sitting in my car & drove home at midnight feeling alive & buzzy with ideas.
  • Found out that my eyes are so dry I may never be able to wear contact lenses again. How did this happen? What can I do?
  • Met a friend for lunch & chatter & cocktails & it was so sunny it felt like we could have been abroad. We should have been abroad!
  • Bought new sunglasses because it was so sunny.
  • Had my hair cut and discovered a new salon above a bridal shop. (My last haircut was in November.)
  • Bought a teapot as a gift. And some lemon shortbread. And nearly burst into tears when the sales assistant asked me if it was for anything special.
  • Noticed the blossom budding on my cherry tree.
  • Got out my summer clothes that were packed away last autumn.
  • Signed up for The 100 days project, choosing haiku to do as my 'creative act'.
  • Noticed the positive knock-on effect in my creative life of committing to 'show' up' for 100 days.
  • Signed up for an illustration class.
  • Had strange dreams of spiders and fairy nymphs carried in a satchel on a horse and cart in London...
  • Heard great news from two friends.
  • Heard not so good news from another friend.
  • Made bread.
  • Ate cake.
  • Felt happy.
  • Felt sad.
  • Thought about the future.
  • Thought about the past.
  • Got up early.
  • Slept in late.
  • Got inspired.
  • Got disheartened.
  • Got inspired again.
  • Started a new art journaling season of BRAVE.

What about you? What does your diary say for this week?