'The Pact' - TubeFlash Fiction *published* by daintydora

Reaching down to the depths of my bag, fingers grazing the raw underside of the leather, I delve deeper until I feel the rigid filigreed metal of my grandmother’s gun. I trace the cool ivory handle with my fingers and in my mind, taking in the sure smooth certainty of its existence, imagine the recoil jolt that will come when I fire.
It is a solid pistol, heavier than it looks with the dainty paste diamonds inset into the side. A jewel for each word: ‘I-love-you’. A strange gift, though things were different then. The gun was a relic from the war; but it worked. I knew it did. And Danny knew it too. Read on.

I am delighted to be featured as part of this exciting project:

TubeFlash is original flash fiction inspired by the London Underground and a collection of vintage and contemporary brooches. Each station is paired with a brooch, with writers responding to the history and provenance of both the station and the brooch to create a diverse collection of stories.Gunnersbury

The brooches belong to Joanna Sterling, the mastermind behind the project.

I chose Gunnersby on the District Line, which was represented by this beautiful and unusual gun brooch.

Read 'The Pact' in full.

Listen to the audio compilation that features The Pact (Part 6 - Keep Moving) available via iTunes.