By the light of a checkered moon... by daintydora

I love to gather and save images and articles from day-to-day life. And all sorts of things really that many people would throw away. And then I scrapbook them all together into a visual diary. When I'd done this simple, surreal layout, I was inspired to write a poem about it.

A checkered moon

It's not collage or an art journal page, just an arrangement of images.

I love the reflections in the water of the lights, the deep blues and the misty hues of the horizon, and the branches reaching into the image (again. I'm obsessed with bare, clawing branches just now). And the moon. So powerful, feminine and omnipresent.

I'm not going to share the poem, but just leave you with this image. An image in limbo.

Like the houndstooth coat, by the light of a checkered moon.