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Snow Scenes from Scotland by daintydora

In a scene reminiscent of Avril Paton's iconic 'Windows in the West', I have been mesmerized this morning by the first flurries of snow. Just short blizzards, but snow possesses an alluring magical quality for me.

It's nostalgic, romantic, exciting and dangerous all at the same time. Though it's just frozen water. Crystals. Diamonds.

Snow on the rooftops!

Snow Street

These images were taken when I lived in Glasgow's west end myself, not far from the tenements that inspired Avril Paton's striking art works.

Over the years I've racked up an archive of snow scenes from Scotland and beyond. I always want to capture the ethereal beauty of the world around me, whatever the season.

I love to see footprints in the snow, or patterns of tyre tracks or animal tracks. Moulded ice footsteps cement themselves to pavements and snowflakes flutter into eyelashes, cold and wonderful. Luckily I have a fetching collection of Cossack hats to keep me warm!

Footprints in the snowAnimal tracks in the snow

Snow holds happy connotations for me: days off school, snowmen, picture-postcards, sledging, snowballing, Christmas snow, New Year snow, romantic walks in the snow, Narnia-esque forests in the snow, birthday snow, and wrapping up warm. But I know that it isn't all fun and games.

Driving home last Christmas over Drumochter after a stay in the Scottish Highlands became an arduous 8-hour journey (that usually takes only 3.) Snow blocks roads and causes problems. It grounds planes and stops trains too. I know that. I've experienced that.

Driving in the snow Driving in the snowSnow covered trees, ScotlandDriving in the snow

But I still can't help but admire its beauty, especially when it's tinged blue as the light fades from the afternoon, or appears on the hills overnight, silent and majestic.

Driving in the snow

What are your thoughts on snow?