Midweek Poetry: A Sonnet of Tweets by daintydora

Using the site Poetweet, my final poem of the year is an amalgamation of my year in tweets in sonnet form. Clever and fun, it's such a great way to remember the things I tweeted about (with a smattering of smiley faces to boot!)

Poetweet: Wood Sticks


The path… by Rebecca HJ

Loving this season of adventure! :) Inseparable from my knitted hat...) Perpetual beauty in nature Thanks - will try that ;)

So much for the shout-out! :) A festive stock-take: December 2015 Late!) I love how this turned out! Poetry: One night in November

Collage Club: What is beautiful? Great topic & discussion :) Colourful & delightful!

Void of your head:/inconsolable." The Autumn Pages Matcha makes mornings manageable!

I've never composed a sonnet before, and I think this one is a perfect insight to my Twitter feed and the exclamation mark of excitement that is often my internal world. The final stanza is my favourite.

May your 'path' for 2016 be paved with happiness, good fortune and gold. Happy New Year :)

Midweek Poetry: Poetweet by daintydora

I'm not a prolific tweeter. I have lots to say, but often I just tell my journal. But when Karen at Leaf & Petal sent me this link to Poetweet - poetry constructed from your own tweets in either Sonnet, Rondel or Indriso form, I was interested to see how my 'poem' would come out.

So I clicked the button (all the buttons in the end), and got a message (in Spanish, not sure what I was doing wrong) advising that I didn't have enough tweet-fodder for the tool to work. It went something like that anyway.

But: disappointment! Why hadn't I tweeted more often?

So today I tried it again and it worked. Here's my twitterings in poetic form, copied exactly, word for word:

Of colour by Rebecca HJ
COLLAGE: New Landscapes Listening to records on my Dansette Day 1 challenge is: 'Stripes' A heart in my latte
Corita_rules Of hand spun and synthetic fibers Gold at the Palace of Versailles: Of rotifers! What ARE rotifers???
Day 19 challenge: 'Miniature' (Not homemade) gingerbread biscuits Edinburgh's double-exposure Creative people traits Caiparinhas. Great hangover cure!

I'm quite pleased. What do you think?

There are some funny lines in there. I love the things it has picked up on - colour and collage and gold and 'a heart in my latte'. Are Caiparinhas a great hangover cure though? Mmm.

Give Poetweet a try (because there is a lot of 'try' in poeTRY). Hahaha!

All you need is your Twitter handle. You use Twitter, right?