Findings from Helsinki by daintydora

I love collecting things and documenting things, but often these 'things' end up getting bundled up for doing something exciting with another time.

And then weeks, months, even years later, I find a load of papers and notes and postcards that I've completely forgotten about. Poor show.

So before I forget about the wonderful memories, memorabilia and inspirations I gathered in Helsinki, I thought the best way to capture them was in a photograph, much like the photo-montage I posted on my return from Portugal and Seville last year. I love postcards.

Things from Helsinki

I particularly love the quote on the card from the Alfredo Jaar exhibition at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art:

You do not take a photograph. You make it.

And although it is a simple shot of the souvenirs I bought in Helsinki, I'm happy I 'made' this photograph.

The other 'findings' include:

Reindeer horn earrings, a fridge magnet from Tallinn (hello Mum!), the brochure from Kiasma Museum, a book I bought about the current exhibitions (love that op-art-esque cover), a Tove Jansson postcard print, a Moomins handbag mirror, a teddy bear badge from the Toy Museum at the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a little wooden reindeer for decoration or for use in the kitchen (oh yes), the Helsinki Design District guide and a selection of other postcards.