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Paint Chip Poetry: a journey in COLOUR by daintydora

I saw this idea for creating Paint Chip Poetry a few weeks ago on this cute blog, 'Zauberbear', and couldn't wait to try it. What a brilliant idea! Upon further delving, it appears there is a whole artistic industry built around the free paint chip colour samples that you can pick up in DIY stores everywhere. Who knew?

Paint Chip Poetry Poem


So I tripped along to my local DIY hangout to grab some fabulous colour chips to get creative with. And I found that they didn't have the strips anymore, but single colours. So I had to improvise. I think it makes for a super-colourful and eclectic selection.


Paint Chip Poetry PoemSome of the colours are very dark and make it difficult to read the text, so I've transcribed my paint chip poetry masterpieces so that the highfalutin nuances are not lost...

I found a
Lover's Secret
Kensington Gardens
Right between the
Winter Moss
and a
Bengal Tiger.

Paint Chip Poetry Poem

Brave Girl;
Resplendent Emerald
Dream Weaver,
Taming the
Fire Within.
She had
Three Wishes
In the
Dance of the Goddesses -
Pastel Perfect
Blue Tea
and a
Kernel of Truth.
Paint Chip Poetry Poem
In a
Misty Harbour
I saw a
Flock of Seagulls.
"Tell me a secret"
He whispered.
This was...
High Voltage.
I thought of
Mimi's Kimono,
of the
Buttered Crumpet
and of
Found Treasure.
I was
"Meet me in Morocco".
Winter Twilight
World's Away;
Shrimp Shells
in a
Fiery Sky.
Storybook Sundown
with a
Chance of Showers.
Fleecy Dreams
Sooty Lashes
the final
Cat's Meow.

Paint Chip Poetry Poem

I Sail the Seas on an
Outré Orange boat
Cape Verde!
Tropic Heart;
Golden Beet.
It's Poetry in Motion
When I
Sail the Seas.


My favourite colour name? It has to be Mimi's Kimono.

Go try it for yourself and do share!