new year's resolutions

New Year Resolutions & Goals by daintydora

There's a lot of talk about New Year's Resolutions each January. But this year I'm going to set goals instead of resolutions, plus a set of guiding principles to live by. Fish swimming in new directions

I'm not going to write them all down here, but one of them will be to write everyday.

I'm going to write everyday, in whatever form that takes: blogging (here and on my new 'inspiration' blog - Dainty Dora's Inspiration Emporium), poetry, or working towards my novel, my big work of fiction that is my most important goal of all.

I'm going to practice single focus rather than attempt to multi-task all the time.

I'm going to finish one project before I start another (though I count blogging as an ongoing pursuit).

I'm going to aim for the stars. I owe it to myself.

My 12 fortune cookie mantras and sayings for the year ahead will be my guiding principles.

What about you? Do you resolve to do or not do something?

Gretchen Rubin discusses her insights into different personality types (which she terms 'the four tendencies') and it's really interesting to try to identify your own 'tendency'. She also has some useful insights on resolutions.

Meanwhile, I spotted this great post on World of Wanderlust - 29 Small Reminders - brilliant. My favourites are 'keep a journal' (obviously) and 'escape into a film'. Two great 'reminders' - one for reflection and one for distraction/escapism. I also love 'live in a new place'...

Happy January!