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12 Fortune Cookie Mantras & Sayings for 2015 by daintydora

In the book 642 things to write about, one of the prompts is 'write 10 sayings for fortune cookies'.

Being super-creative and inspirational however, myself and my blog buddy Karen (in the sunny southern hemisphere), decided it would be a great idea to kick off the New Year by writing 12 fortune cookie sayings - one for each month of the year ahead.

Diamond in the rough

It's quite difficult to do really, when you get down to it, and so I've cheated a bit and decided to morph mine into 12 'mantras' instead, as a kind of resolution list and also as a goal-setting exercise.

One of things I received this year in my Christmas stocking was Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Year Workbook, and in it one of the first things she discusses is that without thinking about and setting goals, there is little chance of achieving much. And I think she has a point.

Shining Year Workbook

I've always loved writing lists and recording achievements, but I've never considered for example writing down how much money I hoped planned to earn each month. Very interesting. I'm all for putting the 'fortune' in fortune cookies.

So although I've poached some of these mantras, I think they would be a fine set of goals and resolutions to keep in mind, to come back to, to focus on, and to live by in 2015:


  1. Be like the squirrel girl, be like the squirrel. (from Little Acorns by The White Stripes)
  2. "Buy less, choose well" (Vivienne Westwood)
  3. Practice mindfulness. Everyday. Beauty surrounds you.
  4. Be the lighthouse of joy and gratitude.
  5. It's not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves. (Sir Edmund Hillary)
  6. You're a diamond in the rough. Keep on shining.
  7. "You can do ANYthing, but not EVERYthing" (David Allen)
  8. Trust the timing of your life.
  9. Be unstoppable. Be brave. Be bold. But most of all, BE YOURSELF!
  10. Be the lion in a group of foxes. Roar!
  11. Take chances and opportunities, delighting in the unlit path.
  12. She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.


And when I think about this list - a few of them famous/well-known quotes - I think of my own experiences of good fortune and how each of us create and manifest our fortune, good or bad.

It's hard to reign in thoughts of wonder, equally thoughts of sadness, but I often find myself unable to sleep for the thoughts that crowd my mind, so this quote by CS Lewis from Alice in Wonderland is particularly apt:

The little girl just could not sleep

because her thoughts were way too deep

her mind had gone out for a stroll

and fallen down a rabbit hole.

Find out what Karen's 12 fortune cookies have in store for 2015, over on her blog Leaf and Petal. Happy New Year!

PS. I couldn't resist 3 extra bonus mantras:

Just keep swimming.

Freedom is a state of mind. 

Never stop dreaming.