my experience with mountains

Scottish Mountains & poetic verse: Free PDF Book by daintydora

I created a little book about mountains last year, and it's now available to download FREE! Front cover PDF book - My Experience with Mountain

Read about it here.

Click the image or download: My Experience with Mountains

Meanwhile, if anyone is going out into the Scottish mountains this weekend: be safe.

It's snowy out there!

My Experience with Mountains by daintydora

A few different people told me about Blurb recently. So I checked it out. And I found it's an interesting, fun, friendly and a do-able way to create a book. So I designed one.

First I uploaded some of my favourite pictures of mountains from various trips around Scotland - Glencoe, the Cairngorms, Lochearnhead, Loch Fyne...

My Experience with Mountains My Experience with Mountains

And then I wrote down some of the random thoughts I had while taking the photos, and how they made me feel - and what they made me think - when looking back.

My Experience with Mountains My Experience with Mountains My Experience with Mountains

Voila. A print on demand photo-book about mountains (with dust jacket - yeah - fancy),  plus a handy little PDF version. The fact it is LARGE is what makes it so, well, pricey. It was just an experiment...

And that's it; my experience with mountains. Collated. Created. Out there.  Not that my experience is so much. But it's a nice reminder about how in comparison to the giant MIGHT of a mountain, many other things lose their significance. Mountains are a great leveller, in an oxymoronic kinda way.

Maybe I'll share it here if it turns out OK. And I've shared it! (though I haven't actually SEEN it).

I can't wait to SEE my mountains, in print.