Midweek Moon-Love in honour of the Full Moon by daintydora

A full moon is a magical time and in September I wrote a poem as an Ode to the Super (Blood) Moon. Moon, Scotland, Supermoon

Since then I've been saving images on Pinterest of the beautiful luna phenomenon that we share wherever we are in the world.

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I love that the moon - like the sun - can be a guiding light for many, and features in so many creative messages and imagery such as art, illustrations, stories, poems and songs.

Full MoonSuper Blood Moon, September 2015Moon, Scotland, Supermoon

I've used it myself in a very simple collage and I follow its progress through the month via a Moon Phase app. Yesterday I downloaded a beautiful font called simply: Moon.

The next full moon will be on Christmas Day, 25th December, and of course, who can forget the scene in It's a Wonderful Life when 'George lassos the moon'?

Or the breathy rendition of 'Moon River' by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's:

So beautiful. So dreamy.

Do you love the moon? Do you find things going crazy 'when the moon is fat'? (Beware the Judderman my dear...)

I hope today's (tonight's) full moon shines bright on you, wherever you are.


An Ode to the Super (Blood) Moon by daintydora

I've tried to photograph the moon before, but she's elusive and mysterious and I don't understand the settings on my camera well enough. Moon, Scotland, Supermoon

Last night the moonlight shining into my room was so bright I had to get up and get my camera and try again.

It couldn't focus on the bright white of the moon at the same time as the street-light pollution, but I wanted the image to have some perspective.

Moon, Scotland, SupermoonMoon, Scotland, Supermoon Moon, Scotland, SupermoonMoon, Scotland, Supermoon

I quite like them, even the blurry ones. They echo the magic of the experience of the moon.

And although many people think it's nonsense, I often have a very heightened emotions and experiences - good and bad - at the time of the full moon.

I'm a woman so I'm ruled by the moon. I'm Pisces, the sign of the zodiac mostly associated with a 'sixth sense', and when it comes to life, and especially the moon, I thought this was particularly apt:

Pisces wants everything to be an epic romance movie and this makes them very open to wooing"

I'm feeling it already so I thought I'd write a poem to capture my #moonemotions:

An Ode to the Super Moon

I stare, fall, come undone, under the spell of your silent song...and then I remember: because I'll never forget I wear the moonlight inside my eyes."

Are you affected by the moon?

Read more about the Blood Moon Supermoon

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And most importantly, watch out - these portents for the Super Blood Moon are scary!

The amplified nature of this moon may have you at your wits’ end, but there’s an essential depth to this lunation: Every one of us will be asked to feel deeply—the challenge is to remain rational and in control. Tidal patterns, animal behavior, and yes, total loonies will be stronger and seem much more bizarre with a perigee or “super” moon. Full moons have illuminating effects and can reveal information—especially about hidden aspects of ourselves and those closest to us.


By the light of a checkered moon... by daintydora

I love to gather and save images and articles from day-to-day life. And all sorts of things really that many people would throw away. And then I scrapbook them all together into a visual diary. When I'd done this simple, surreal layout, I was inspired to write a poem about it.

A checkered moon

It's not collage or an art journal page, just an arrangement of images.

I love the reflections in the water of the lights, the deep blues and the misty hues of the horizon, and the branches reaching into the image (again. I'm obsessed with bare, clawing branches just now). And the moon. So powerful, feminine and omnipresent.

I'm not going to share the poem, but just leave you with this image. An image in limbo.

Like the houndstooth coat, by the light of a checkered moon.