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Midweek Poetry: I am the apple by daintydora

Something a bit different this week, moving on from last week's haunting stone statues to the temptations in the Garden of Eden. (Eve had a lot to contend with, what with all that 'forbidden fruit' just going to waste...surely one bite would be OK?)

I am the apple


I am the apple
shiny and red
consuming your thoughts,
filling your head.
One bite is tempting
a temptation too far;
unpredictable, dangerous
the start of a fire.
Just one bite: I dare you -
taste me on your lips;
I come with no warning
just a promise of bliss.
(My bliss is the truth
but truth is a liar)
fanning the flames
of a latent desire.


Quite spicy for a Wednesday!

In fact I love spiced apple...


Midweek Poetry: Verdant Love Thieves by daintydora

It's more of a stream-of-consciousness collection of words today. Words that came to me describing some of the things that I've thought or felt or seen or done, and that spilled out beautifully onto the page of my little red notebook, and that I wanted to share because... well just because:

Leaves & trees & parks & gardens & flowers burgeoning from upcycled planters: tyres & Belfast sinks & old cracked toilets... Herbs grown on sunlit windowsills & chillies in teapots & a watering can filled with just-blush-bloomed roses, perched by the back door. The back door that takes me to the path that weaves through the untamed forest at the bottom of my HEART & into the thickets of deep-rooted woodland that is YOUR heart until we grow together like weeds: young, green, verdant LOVE thieves."

DerelictionAbandoned Belfast sink Upcycled Toilet Pan Planter


Midweek Poetry: I carry your heart by E.E. Cummings by daintydora

My sister in law is getting married today, and I'll be reading this beautiful poem at the wedding:

I carry your heart, by E.E. Cummings

Happy Wedding Day to Joanna & Andrew, today, 1st April 2015 xxx

(N.B. There is some weird background noise here which sounds a bit like a long fart. It isn't. It wasn't! I don't know what it is. I meant well. I'll use a proper mic next time!)