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The Mysterious Postman's Park by daintydora

While I was in London last month, I felt I had to visit the mysterious Postman's Park I'd read about a while back in a copy of Stylist magazine.

Tranquil and tiny, it is a quiet respite from the traffic and rush of people, tucked away as it is in the streets behind St Paul's Cathedral.

Postmans Park, London

Happening upon the little gated entrance, I entered into a pretty, shaded space, with flower beds bright and lush with colour and greenery.

Postmans Park, London Postmans Park, London

The fountain trickled away with fish plumbing the murky depths of the pond. Beyond that a row of gravestones quietly stand to attention, growing mossy with age.

The memorial plaques brought a tear to my eye reading the circumstances in which people died, most trying to save others. Very sad.

Postmans Park, London

There was a strange beehive contraption further in, behind benches laden with bird poo. I gather there was some kind of competition to design a new type of beehive. Curious and intriguing and adds to the overall charm of Postman's Park.

Postmans Park, London

I expected it to be a bit bigger I suppose, but what I got was peaceful and perfect. I would definitely pop in of a lunchtime if I worked nearby.