lake como photo diary

Photo Diary: A week in Lake Como by daintydora


So often words are not enough, and that is true of my experiences in Lake Como. Taking in the view across the lake - the sun ricocheting off the water by day and the bright lights of Bellagio twinkling diamonds from the other side by night - was breath-taking, magical, surreal.

I wanted to look and see and take it all in and never leave...

Villa Balbianello viewed from the lake

I had no idea that the Villa Balbianello had featured in the James Bond film 'Casino Royale', until my visit last week. The villa poses as the hospital where Daniel Craig recuperates, viewed in a wheelchair on the sun terrace.

Magnificent gardens lay behind the villa and I took many photos as our water taxi jetted off over the lake to Bellagio. A stunning experience with film-star connotations.

View from Villa Balbianello'Casino Royale' balcony view at Villa BalbianelloGardens at Villa Balbianello Jetty at Villa Balbianello

Water taxis created currents in the water and the salty-brine smell like the sea mingled with sun cream and the heat and the sage that grew throughout the carefully maintained gardens.

It was more than blissful watching the ripples and undulations from the steps of the private jetty; splashes of red in the form of flowers only heightening the sense of Mediterranean glamour. Tiny lizards darted freely and hydrangeas bloomed in burnt out pinks and blues.

Lake Como Sun shimmering on Lake Como

The morning sun on the lake, viewed from one of the balcony windows inside Villa Balbianello.

Distant view back to Villa BalbianelloMisty Mountains at Lake Como

Pigeon in Bellagio

A pigeon that appeared very content to sit and stare at the Lake too, snapped while waiting for the ferry back to Cadenabbia from Bellagio. He didn't move for at least twenty minutes!

View over from the sun terrace at The Grand Hotel CadenabbiaView over Lake Como from The Grand Hotel Cadenabbia

Views over Lake Como from the hotel; an idyllic space to read and relax and drink coffee or cocktails as the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

View over Lake Como from The Grand Hotel Cadenabbia

The fact that it was not my 'every day' view made it that much sweeter - bittersweet - my experience finite; heightened by the tension and butterflies of life so fleeting.

The moon over Lake Como

Diamonds on the lake, chatoyant and choppy and my heart captured by the moon and the stars; a week in Lake Como...

I can't wait to return.