Midweek Peak: Taking Stock by daintydora

What have you been up to lately? Sometimes it's good to get it all down and out there. Written. Typed. A snapshot with some accountability.

That's what's so great about Taking Stock; first introduced to me by the delightful Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes.

Taking Stock: A view of the clouds

Here's a look at my now:

Making: waves (everywhere, always!) Cooking: chorizo, butterbean & kale stew. Was a lovely winter warmer. Drinking: apple & cinnamon tea. I'm trying new teas. The Sweet Rhubarb I bought a few weeks ago was even better. Reading: magazines that I've had in my stash for a loooong time. Rediscovering some great articles, images and inspiration. Wanting: to live a more minimalist life. Looking: forward to my BIRTHDAY next week :) Playing: along with the daily Tinkersketch challenge. Deciding: I can't do every single craft or creative thing. Must. Practice. Single. Focus. Wishing: time wouldn't slip away so fast... Enjoying: the bright, crisp days of February and the nights getting a smidge lighter. Wondering: what I'll be able to grow this year in the garden? Loving: my morning swimming routine. Pondering: if I should get my hair cut soon. It's been a while. Considering: giving up alcohol (again) because it's such an evil toxin and I can't handle hangovers anymore. Watching: inspirational TED talks from amazing peeps. Hoping: I'm on the right path. Creatively and in life. *Big profound hope*. Marvelling: at the power of the mind. Needing: a massage. Back, neck and shoulders please! Smelling: not so much. I've had a cold. Wearing: as many layers as possible at all times. That includes scarves indoors because I get cold. Did I mention that I feel the cold? Following: lots of new-to-me creatives on Instagram. Noticing: new growth in the garden. Already! Plus next door's washing still on the line. In the rain. Knowing: and connecting with so many lovely, creative people through groups like The Collage Club and Blog with Pip. Thinking: about family far away. Feeling: ready for Spring. Thoughts, sights, fashions, longer days, more inspirations. Admiring: people who reach for their dreams. Sorting: out clutter while *thinking* about this book (if I bought it, I'd only need to get rid of it again...) Buying: a vintage dress in a fabulous geometric print - Magpie FIND! Getting: lost in thought. Bookmarking: poetry competitions. I've been writing a lot of poetry recently and loving the composition of words and sounds and rhythms. Disliking: grumpy & reactive people. There seem to be a lot of them around just now. Opening: up my mind to the process of art journaling. I'm learning lots about myself as well as enjoying the creative expression. Giggling: at captions on cards in Paperchase - "I come, I fox shit up, then I leave" with a smug image of a fox. Maybe you had to be there. Feeling: ambitious and a little ambiguous. Snacking: on the last chilli & chocolate cookies I baked on Valentine's day. Coveting: a large West End bay-windowed abode with a white-wash, minimalist interior. Only sometimes. Helping: women in need through a regular donation to Glasgow Women's Aid.

What about you? Give it a try. See what you come up with.

I love a midweek PEAK!