hand lettering

A hand-lettered reminder of my mantras & sayings for 2015 by daintydora

When I posted my 12 'fortune cookie' mantras & sayings for 2015 on New Year's Day, I believed in them and they all meant something special to me.

But to receive a hand-lettered version through the post, made especially for me by my beautiful, thoughtful, like-minded spiritual sister Tracey, all the way from Australia, was so much more than special.

Hand-lettered mantras for life

I wanted to feature my 'mantras manifesto' here on my blog to marry up with the post I published at the start of the year, but mainly to say a huge THANK YOU to Tracey:

you made my day, my year, and I will treasure this beautifully hand-lettered piece of art forever.

Number 7 is speaking to me the most just now:

You can do anything but not everything.

And that's a wonderful lesson I've learnt from Tracey too.

Check out her blog One Thing at a Time and you'll see what I mean.