google your own name

So I googled my name...Rebecca Johnstone by daintydora

I know. How vain. What an egotist. But this is part of a monthly writing link up with my Blog-Buddy Karen Lynch who blogs at Leaf and Petal, and this is a writing prompt from the book '642 things to write about'.

Google search your own name. Write about the search result that is closest to your name but isn’t you.

See, not so egotistical. It's about a quarter of the way through the book, but I don't know what page it's on or what number it is, because there are no numbers or page numbers, just the prompts. Interesting in itself. Cut to the chase of the inspiration.

So I opened up a new tab on the internets, and typed in my name. I was presented with 1,160,000 results in 0.37 seconds. It always amazes me what comes up in a Google search.

And it turns out I'm not so unique after all. There are oodles of Rebecca Johnstone's all over the place. What has pleased me is that in the main they are high-achieving creative types. It's all in the name.

And I remember when a friend told me about the first episode of Zooey Deschanel's show New Girl.

I hadn't seen it myself at the time, but I had to watch it when I heard about this:

Cece: What's your stripper name? Jess: Uh, Rebecca Johnson. Cece: Your stripper name is Rebecca Johnson? Jess: Boobies Johnson - Two Boobs Johnson.

Johnson/Johnstone - whatever. But no, no, no. My name is not a stripper (or porn) name!

Isn't a porn name meant to be the name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name? Something along the lines of 'Trixie D'Honey' perhaps, or 'Smokey MacKenzie'?

This is where I mention that 'Johnstone' is my married name. Not my real name. My name is not a porn name!

I digress.

So the first Rebecca Johnstone who is not me (and is not just a LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile), is a trainee solicitor. I'm pleased with that. I feel an affinity. Whilst studying law she volunteered at the National Centre for Domestic Violence and was involved with the charity for her second and third year. I'm cheering and clapping. I am also very passionate about charities that help and support women experiencing domestic violence/abuse. I feel even more affinity.

And she graduated with distinction.

Other Rebecca Johnstone's who are not me include:

A textile artist/designer: Rebecca Johnstone has developed carpets and rugs for many bespoke interiors, both for public and private spaces. Her studio practice delves into the articulation of the intangible, alongside a love of the natural world.

Another kindred spirit.

Then there's the Rebecca Johnstone who runs a fashion agency:

The Dolls House N-Quarter IS OPEN A Unique Fashion Agency Featuring Independent Fashion, Make To Measure, Styling Service,' Ciate' Caviar Nail Bar & HD Brows

Interesting fashion connection. She likes fashion icons, style icons, and VOGUE magazine. And I like the name 'The Dolls House'.

There is another Rebecca Johnstone who has a Twitter profile stating she is a full-time athlete and runner. Err. Not me. Nothing like me.

But I suppose this is the voyeuristic, creepy version of the Dave Gorman thing, because I've not told any of these 'others' that I am doing this. I don't know them. I wonder if they have ever googled their/our name, and found me? Have you ever tried this?

Go on. It's fun. But first read Karen's experience of googling her name.

This is such a 21st century phenomenon.