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Midweek (Blackout) Poetry: Perfectly Spent by daintydora

It's the 'Season of Words' with Get Messy Art Journal, and I usually post my journal pages here. WORDS are my passion of course, especially on this blog, so I'm posting my latest attempt at blackout poetry, inspired by the work of Austin Kleon.

I 'found' it on a random page of an altered book.

Blackout Poetry - Perfectly Spent

The book is a hardback edition of 'Elegance' by Kathleen Tessaro, which I've reworked into 'The Elegance of Words' for my own #getmessy purposes.

I turned the first few pages, scouring for attractive adjectives, nouns, adverbs.

And then I tapped the page with a retractable pencil, eyeing up the inspiration until I was ready to scratch out superfluous words with a gold Sharpie.

Last night. In the living room. By the glow of a paper IKEA lamp.

Perfectly Spent: A blackout poem


Sophisticated rows
of photographs,
aloof gazes
animated, silent, dazzling.
waves turning
cigarettes pass
abundant in a chignon -
eyes feline;
perfectly spent.

Blackout poetry is SO much fun - it's amazing what you can find inside the words of others, the hidden poems waiting to be discovered, especially from the kind of text you might not usually read.

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