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Midweek Poetry: The House of White & Green by daintydora

July's creative challenge with my fabulous #blogsister Karen at Leaf & Petal is a slice of midweek poetry inspired by the following image: Midweek Poetry: White Walls, Green Door

It was my pick and not my usual style.

I think it appealed to me as it reflects back the beauty and simplicity of white, of clean and minimalist lines. And I love the colour green for all its connotations of vitality, leafy vegetables, purity, nature, the environment, and my minty green sewing machine.

The rough stones put me in mind of a beach-front home in a faraway rural town.

A beach cottage. Carefree days and clean living, refreshing sleep and walks along the beach on cold days when the wind punches you in the face so hard you can't breathe.

That was my starting point anyway. And then I played about with the words and came out with something altogether darker:


The House of White and Green


The house of white and green:
one window, one door
frames sealed tightly
perfect, pristine
concealing a chaos
that no-one will see.


Clean, sharp, stark
a lonely echo
at the end of the street,
prisms of light
beautiful, serene and
criss-cross patterns
of deep emerald green.


But -
behind those curtains,
frilly and white?
contrasting and bilious
in the bright morning light:
rigid white walls,
restrictively tight
no space to breathe
in the dark of the night.


White walls, green lines,
caged like a bird,
hanging precarious
at the edge of the world.


A lonely echo
perfect, pristine;
all tied together in
a beautiful dream.


Read Karen's poem in response to this image. And see what we did last month.

Having a creative buddy to share challenges with and spur each other on is great fun and highly motivating. What will we do next month?!


Midweek Poetry: Dandelion Wishes by daintydora

This month's poetry challenge and link-up with my #creativesister Karen at Leaf & Petal is inspired by the image below titled 'Dandelion Wishes'. Immediately I was transported to an ethereal place of wonder and intrigue in a wooded copse by a babbling river...

Dandelion Wishes


she blew slowly
sending tufts of fragile frond spinning up above her head.
a few near-transparent wisps


paused for a moment


meandering in her hair, then caught a ride on the breeze dancing up, up, higher up frothy and floating;
flower-clouds pirouetting
under the shade
of close-quarter trees...




a whispering rush rush and babble,
the river beckoned clear and cool
and the delicate fronds
leapt down to kiss it,
quickly consumed, submerged
carrying their delicate
dandelion wishes
out of the woods,


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