Midweek Poetry: The Voyage by daintydora

VOYAGE - what a great prompt for the second creative poem and collage challenge between myself and super-collager Karen of Leaf & Petal. This time, I was inspired to get to grips with the beautiful vintage typewriter that my husband restored for me a year or so ago to incorporate the words of the poem into the collage, similar to the writing-on-masking-tape technique I used last month.

Sitting at the typewriter with its high keys and beautiful mechanical form, I felt like I was channeling famous authors and writers I admire - Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath, Hemingway - but also a bit Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote!

'The Voyage' Poem & Collage'The Voyage' Poem & Collage

The initial inspiration for both the poem and collage were taken from the image of the pearly ship that I saw in a magazine. Then came the dress.

Immediately I was thinking of stow-aways and sea urchins set adrift, jellyfish and The Water Babies, mermaids, water nymphs and sirens slipping between shimmering waves of blue and green...

Here's my poem (slightly illegible in places in the typewritten version):

The Voyage
Stowed away in a pearly place
I counted blessings like diamonds
peering unseen
through cracks to the sea.
Fish slip-scent roiling in my lungs
briny slime
crushing fears
fancies glinting
seeping possibility;
of pirates & faraway islands &
a halo in my hair
seeded with pearls -
my lustrous green freedom.

Now check out Karen's interpretation of 'VOYAGE' in her collage and poem.

Last month we interpreted the theme of 'Tea Time'.

Meanwhile, Karen is also taking part in #the100daysproject - she has chosen #100daysofpaper while I am still loving my first foray into Haiku poetry with #100daysofhaiku.

Poetry and paper/collage = the perfect creative collaboration!


Julian Trevelyan: A Travelling Suitcase of the (Creative) Mind by daintydora

I have been a mass-observer now for a few years, and had heard a lot about Julian Trevelyan's work as an artist, and specifically his suitcase of ephemera - tickets, receipts, newspaper and other similar paper-based enchantments. (And I adore paper-based enchantments.) In 2013 I took a day-trip to London to see the fantasticMass Observation: This is Your Photoexhibition at the Photographer's Gallery in London, and so I was able to view this coveted suitcase in person.

Julian Trevelyan's suitcase.jpg
Isn't the doily so perfectly preserved?

Julian Trevelyan was an artist and poet who documented street-scenes of northern English towns - specifically Bolton - through detailed collages crafted from the contents of his suitcase. I love this idea, and I love the fact that he was clearly an archiver of the times; a social artist and diarist through the medium of paper and glue as well as pen and paper.

With packing bags for a few trips away of late (including a spa break for my birthday), and trying to maintain my creative practices while away, I thought back to Julian Trevelyan's suitcase and how wonderful it must have been to travel about and just 'set up shop' to craft and create, wherever and whenever.

There is such a beautiful freedom in that for me, and although I try to recreate that carefree sense of creativity on the go in my own life, I always end up loaded down with sketchbooks and scrapbooks and maybe my laptop and knitting needles poking me in the eye.

Julian Trevelyan Collage.jpg

I also keep memory boxes and envelopes with tickets and receipts and postcards; collections in the physical realm that represent and trigger memories of days out, holidays, trips to the cinema, encapsulating an era, a time in my life, pockets of thought that can instantly be recalled just through the visual stimulus of the paper trail left behind.

They are like springboards to other creative practices such as art journaling and writing down my family story which is omnipresent in my mind.

But I can't help but compare the jam-packed, jumbled suitcase contents to memories all stacked together, filed in non-chronological order inside the creative mind. The mind of any creative person with projects and plans intertwined and multi-layered, multi-faceted, overlapping.

I wonder what Julian Trevelyan would have made of the modern technological world as a platform for artists, and for documenting life and art as we do now pretty much everyday in one way or another through social media, blogging, video, etc? I'd love to know.

Julian Trevelyan Collage Close Up.jpg
I cruised around and settled on the outskirts of town near to some cotton mills and reservoirs. At the time I was making collages; I carried a large suitcase full of newspapers, copies of Picture Post, seed catalogues, old bills and other scraps, together with a pair of scissors, a pot of gum, and a bottle of Indian ink. I was applying the collage techniques I had learnt from the Surrealists to the thing seen, and now tore up pictures of the Coronation crowds to make the cobblestones of Bolton. It was awkward, sometimes, in a wind, when my little pieces would fly about, and I was shy of being watched at it; but it was a legitimate way, I think, of inviting the god of Chance to lend a hand in painting my picture.Julian TrevelyanFrom his book, Indigo Days, 1957

Midweek Poetry: Time for Tea by daintydora

Everyone loves a tea break, and for me, it's all about the tea. The ceremony of it. The teapot. Choosing which type of tea to have, and then which teapot to use depending on whether it's a loose-leaf occasion or a quick cup of perk-me-up Lady Grey in the afternoon. In another creative collaboration with Karen at Leaf and Petal, we have both designed a collage and written a poem inspired by the prompt of 'TEA'.

'Time for Tea' poem & collage

She stirred it round
rich and strong and golden brown;
liquid treacle
in mis-matched tea cups
details etched in gold
filigree with cinnamon stains
where handles meet base.
Biscuits sat listening
atop pretty lace doilies
casting shadows on the table
and waiting for crumbs.
The spout leaned in,
sleek and ready for
as the leaves swirled
amongst themselves
mostly spent
but still brewing
at the bottom of the pot.

'Time for Tea' poem & collage 'Time for Tea' poem & collage

To see how Karen likes to take her 'TEA', view her interpretation of the theme.

And now I think it's time for a tea break... #elevenses