Midweek Poetry: Cadenabbia by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by daintydora

This time last week I was in Lake Como, staying just by the lake in Cadenabbia. Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, pool terrace

When I heard there was a poem written about this exact spot (aptly titled 'Cadenabbia', written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow), I couldn't wait to look it up, and oh how glad I am that it exists.

The words and rhymes he chose perfectly describe my own experience, and while I won't reproduce the entire work here, my favourite lines are enough to transport me back to the gentle lull of my own experience:


I ask myself, Is this a dream? Will it all vanish into air? Is there a land of such supreme And perfect beauty anywhere?

Sweet vision!  Do not fade away; Linger, until my heart shall take Into itself the summer day, And all the beauty of the lake;

Linger until upon my brain Is stamped an image of the scene, Then fade into the air again, And be as if thou hadst not been.

Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, sun terraceView of the lake from Cadenabbia, Lake Como

Doesn't it make you want to jump on a plane?

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