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Friday Diary: My 2nd Liebster Award & 11 extra facts by daintydora

What a lovely, brilliant, exciting surprise it was to receive my second Liebster Award, this time from Pia who blogs at These Woven Words. (My first Liebster Award was from Michelle at That Summer Feeling. Another shout out to the wonderful, bright, pineapple & pink flamingo-loving Michelle!)

Liebster Award Pink


And now for the 11 questions I need to answer:

1. What's the last thing you made?

A decorated hairband to wear to a family wedding. It's electric blue and cream tulle with a vintage button and little pearls. Less is more!

Wedding Hairband in the planning Wedding Hairband in Electric Blue

2. What's one of your fondest memories?

Knitting with my Nana and going to buy wool together from her local wool shop. It was an expedition!

3. Favourite thing to drink?

Tea, in all its many flavours. I like Gunpowder green and Sweet Rhubarb and Earl Grey.

Japanese teapot, The Magpie Diaries

4. Best book you've read recently?

I raced through Office Girl by Joe Meno the other week, which inspired some radical art-guerrilla-thinking. I'm now reading The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing and savouring each page.

5. Is there a cause or charity you feel strongly about and why?

Refuge/Women's Aid - any charity that supports women who've experienced domestic violence/abuse because it's a topic close to my heart.

6. Favourite place to read?

In bed! Or in my cosy green leather chair in the sunshine.

7. What's your idea of an awesome holiday?

An exciting city break absorbing the sights, sounds, delights and discoveries of a different culture. Or a wonderfully relaxing spa break. I'm dying to visit New York, and have a long-held dream of spending the night in an Ice Hotel and seeing the Northern Lights (in Iceland or somewhere more exotic than Aviemore...) And I really want to visit the Norwegian Fjords.

8. Best snack?!

It sounds a bit too perfect and healthy, but I love snacking on a mix of brazil nuts and almond nuts and pumpkin seeds and raisins. I like to keep a packet of oatcakes in my bag for snack emergencies too, especially if I'm going on a journey or shopping trip. Smoothies and chocolate milkshakes I also count as 'snacks'. Oh, and toasted teacakes/fruit cakes are my guilty secret. Yep, lots of snacking here!

Snack place crumbs

9. What do you think your best attribute is?

I think my imagination and being able to see things from multiple perspectives. It takes me places and is at the heart of my creativity.

10. What are you listening to this week?

The sound of silence - hoping for silence anyway; to write and make progress on my projects, but instead the weather has had other ideas and the wind and rain have been pretty noisy, as have my neighbours playing LOUD music in the daytime. Apart from that I love listening to the radio.

11. Is there something or someone that makes you laugh every time?

My Mum.We bicker & banter but there is always something to laugh about; something hysterical, some misconstrued sentence or silly saying. And she has some very sharp observations.

And now here's 11 extra facts about me:

1. I'm a Piscean; emotional, watery, a dreamer swimming in multiple directions.

2. I love writing and I'm writing a book. Books. More than one book. It's exciting!

3. I've just rediscovered my love of drawing.

4. In another era, I think I would have made a great hippy. Peace, man.

5. I adore OWLS but they went a bit mainstream there for a while.

6. I'm terrified of spiders, even teeny ones.

7. I'm a recovering hoarder trying to transform into a minimalist.

8. I'm 5'11'' and rarely wear heels.

9. I'm clinging on to my 'vintage' ways and do not have/want a Kindle or E-book reader.

10. I have a first class honours degree in Textiles & Fashion Design.

11. My favourite colour is GREEN.

GREEN things

And now here's 11 blogs I nominate for a Liebster Award:

1. Rare Pear Studio

2. Squiggle and Swirl

3. Sew Crafty Goodness

4. A Quirky Bird

5. The Creatory Blog

6. Lila Wolff

7. A Zesty Life

8. She Who Rambles

9. Beautiful Life Industries

10. Girl Fifteen

11. Not So Nanna


Hooray to you guys but there's so many more blogs that I love and want to shout out, like my magpie-sister Helenor and my writer friend Vikki (so that's 13 for Friday 13th!)
And I want to give a special shout out to Pip Lincolne! #RADgirl

Now for the 11 questions: I just answered Pia's set and I think they're fabulous, so let's stick with them!

Meanwhile, Birdandfox set out such clear helpful tips for what to do next if you've been nominated, that I've (also) replicated them below:

What YOU need to do when you post in response: - Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. - Include the Liebster Award image on your post. - Respond to the 11 questions I wrote for you. - Include 11 facts about yourself. - Nominate 11 other blogs you think are deserving of the award. - Include 11 questions for them to answer. - Get in contact with those bloggers to let them know you have nominated them.

Wow, that was a big post with a lot of information.

I do love writing a #diary!