Autumn Thoughts: Part 1 by Rebecca Johnstone

Meteorological autumn has arrived with September: it's autumn now, fair and square. 

Swiss Alps, Rebecca Johnstone.jpg

Autumn feels like a gentle bleach washing the streets clean of summer's grease and heat; replacing it with a comforting carpet of leaves. 

Each year I collect leaves and display them in baskets and on windowsills. I struggle to let them go once spring arrives, yet I know I have to because that's how things go. I find them crumbling in pockets and at the bottom of bags and laid out carefully in the foot-well of the passenger seat of my car, only to be crushed by an unsuspecting and unexpected passenger.

'Mind the leaves' should be my new refrain.

I just read this beautiful and poetic article about the secret life of fog, and although it can appear during any season - even in the desert as illustrated in the article - I particularly associate fog with the colder months, mostly autumn.

Early morning layers of it burn away in the sun, while dusky blankets of it swathe a dark November eve.

Winter is harsh and summer so brash and in-your-face, but autumn is the perfect season of fog for me. I also realise now how underrated it is and how clever it can be; transporting microbes far and wide and spurring relationships between them in unforeseen places.

Trees in the Fog, Rebecca Johnstone.jpg

Continually I wonder: is there nothing in nature that isn't well thought out, intricate, delicate, careful, deliberate and eye-opening? For all that we know and discover daily, oh we still have so much to learn and nature is our best teacher.

For now I'm going to stick with my leaves and start my collection in earnest. I might meditate over the wonders of fog, too.

But what is the difference between mist and fog? I imagine they are easily confused, though I could be wrong...

Midweek Poetry: Autumn Leaves by daintydora

The changing of the season - slowly, turning, turning, colder, darker - demands the succinct brevity of a haiku poem today, on the date of the Autumn Equinox. Autumn Leaves

A green leaf turned red
blushing into autumn winds;
the wind that changed me.

Each season shows us its touch with so many wonderful moments and experiences. Lucid, wonderful moments, yet often so fleeting (the nature of life).

I love to celebrate the seasons and this is an ode to autumn, and this, and finally - some slightly poetic seasonal thoughts:

Bright sunshine and dandelions wild and stooping. Lights on behind curtains. Hand-knitted hats and new leather boots. Conversations visible in the breath of strangers. The moon blossoming to full as another month ushers us onwards towards our destiny. A wind of change.
And it's beautiful.


Friday Diary: Afterglow & a fiery autumn sunset by daintydora

I couldn't resist heading out with my camera this afternoon as the sun sank low in the sky, creating that beautiful orange glow that you only seem to get on cold autumn afternoons. I loved the interplay of light and colour and the silhouette of the barren tree branches and few last leaves, against the light.

Sunset through treesSunset through leavesSunset from the motorway bridge Autumn Sunset

The colour was so rich as the mist began to descend and layer itself along the horizon of hills and houses.

It reminded me of a painting I studied in Art at school - Joseph Farquarson's 'Afterglow'. I've always been drawn to images of snow and woodlands, and Afterglow depicts a snowy woodland scene with the sun just setting, casting its orange fire far and wide. The only thing missing here is the snow, but I'm sure it's not too far away.

Here's to the weekend and to sunsets and memories and Afterglow.


20 autumn inspirations by daintydora

I don't include many lists on this blog, despite writing many in my day-to-day life. But I do love a good list, and couldn't resist sharing my favourite autumn inspirations as we slip towards winter. Enchanted Forest

  1. Gingerbread (I know this is Christmassy too!)
  2. Frosty mornings. Beautiful and frozen in time.
  3. Fingerless gloves. Until it gets too cold.
  4. Crunchy leaves. The colours. The sounds.
  5. Patterned scarves. All about the scarves.
  6. Printed tissues. A treat. A shame to use them?
  7. Leather things. New boots, a satchel?
  8. Seeing your breath stream out in front of you as the temperature drops, though it hasn't really, so far.
  9. Conkers. Shiny. Reminding me of childhood.
  10. Berries.
  11. Making things. Being creative.
  12. Wool, stitches, sewing. The textures and the tangible.
  13. Pom-poms. So tactile.
  14. Books and reading as the nights draw in. Bliss!
  15. Freshly baked bread. The smell. The texture.
  16. Learning something new. Always.
  17. The changing landscape, magical, moving on.
  18. Staying cosy with blankets and slankets and throws.
  19. Candles. Scented or not. Church or twilight.
  20. Burning incense. Evocative.

Cosy Candles

Do you agree with these? What would you add?



Friday Diary: thoughts of autumn leaves by daintydora

I've been collecting and photographing leaves for the past few weeks now, becoming a bit obsessed. I love all the colours and hues and shapes that nature creates. The natural world is but a beautiful kaleidoscope. A leaf and moss

Everyone who knows me, knows just how much I love autumn (have I mentioned that before?), and it's clear from going over old diaries and journals that I've written about autumn endlessly. It was interesting then to find this short extract which references autumn leaves:

If you’re travelling, you’re in transit. Not in any particular place. It’s a strange limbo between two worlds. I had left but hadn't arrived, was with no-one and didn't need to do anything at all. I was untraceable for that fleeting moment.
Staring out at the passing landscape and scenery, I wrote down what I saw. The leaves that autumn were almost edible in the descriptions I gave them: marmalade, tangerine, cinnamon, ohre.

Autumn Leaves, The Magpie Diaries Leaves in the Wood

On certain days, the colours drain away, become more like shadows. I love the power of black and white.

Black & White Leaf

And every journey has a beginning, an end, and some bends in the road...

Bend in the Road

Finally, as I was thinking about writing this post, a tiny leaf blew in the window and landed right on the keyboard of my laptop. Autumn is my season.

A leaf landed on my laptopHappy autumn days to everyone.