The Great Discontent 100 days project

Midweek Poetry: Distorted Visions in Haiku by daintydora

I don't set out to be melancholy, but sometimes that's what comes out. I love light, bright, vivid, happy, colouful things - of course I do - but I also respect the 'dark days' of monochrome when tear-misted thoughts twist inwards like the black knife of night.

And you need to be creative when every new day demands a haiku poem before lights out. So.

Day 59/100 #100daysofhaiku:

Day 59/100 Distorted Visions Haiku

Distorted visions
play in magnified prisms
blurring tears away."

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Midweek Poetry: 100 days of Haiku by daintydora

I signed up to show up, as part of The Great Discontent's 100 days project. And I'm excited.

I picked Haiku (#100daysofhaiku) because:

1. I've never done it before
2. I love poetry and words
3. I thought a simple 5-7-5 syllabic formula was...manageable

It's day 3, inspired by the gig I went to in Glasgow last night: Lone Lady groovin' it out:


Low ceiling red light
beats like dreams dripping from beams
tripping on the night.


Sign up if you haven't already, and just add on the days you missed. Just do it! Show up.