Pip lincolne taking stock

Friday Diary: Taking Stock for the May-Day Bank Holiday by daintydora

This week has passed quickly and I feel a bit...fretful? Mmm, not really. But not quite my optimal self. So it feels like a good time for reflection, planning, Taking Stock (the last time was just before my birthday in February). Vintage Typewriter

Here goes:

Making: rocky road. Yum! Drinking: Vanilla & Chamomile Tea. Reading: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki - it was a birthday present and I am sinking into it deliciously. Wanting: to sit in the sun reading all day... Looking: forward to an hour-long meditation class this weekend. Deciding: to be more decisive. Wishing: I'd booked a holiday. Enjoying: watching little seedlings grow in my garden. Waiting: for the weekend to begin. Coveting: Craft for the Soul by Pip Lincolne. Playing: with watercolours - so relaxing/inspiring. Wondering: where I'll be in 5 years? Loving: that I finished my knitted 'emotional' blanket, finally. Pondering: my next creative project. Considering: the meaning of life. Buying: compost. Not that exciting, but the thought of growing my own veggies really is. Watching: A new-to-me series called Once Upon a Time. Fairy tales for grown-ups. Hoping: for a sign. An auspicious sign. Serendipity. Synchronicity. Any/all of that. Marvelling: at my amazing vintage typewriter that is just so much fun to use! Needing: a new adventure. Questioning: the urge to blog. Maybe this should just be a personal diary? Smelling: my favourite 'power' scent: Clarins Eau Dynamisante. Wearing: summer dresses one day, winter jumpers the next (Spring in the UK) Following: lots of exciting arty and poetic peeps on Twitter. Noticing: the weather getting warmer, hotter, better (apart from surprise snow on Monday) Knowing: I don't need to buy any summer clothes. But I might. Thinking: up today's poem for #100daysofhaiku. Admiring: so many creative people in my life. Sorting: through the clutter. Still. Bookmarking: 'How to grow a lemon tree from seed in a pot indoors'. Disliking: the power that smartphones seem to wield. On me. On my husband. On everyone. Is it a cult?? Opening: my eyes to all the good and beauty in the world. Giggling: not as often as I'm used to. Feeling: a bit meh for a Friday. Snacking: see above re the rocky road. Wishing: sugar wasn't so bad for me/people/everyone. Hearing: lots of election chat. It's all starting to blend into one voice.

How about you? Is it time to 'Take Stock' in your life?

I learnt from the best - the lovely Pip Lincolne.

Have a cuppa. Write some stuff down. It's a great way to decompress in time for the (holiday) weekend.