Joseph Farquarson

Friday Diary: Afterglow & a fiery autumn sunset by daintydora

I couldn't resist heading out with my camera this afternoon as the sun sank low in the sky, creating that beautiful orange glow that you only seem to get on cold autumn afternoons. I loved the interplay of light and colour and the silhouette of the barren tree branches and few last leaves, against the light.

Sunset through treesSunset through leavesSunset from the motorway bridge Autumn Sunset

The colour was so rich as the mist began to descend and layer itself along the horizon of hills and houses.

It reminded me of a painting I studied in Art at school - Joseph Farquarson's 'Afterglow'. I've always been drawn to images of snow and woodlands, and Afterglow depicts a snowy woodland scene with the sun just setting, casting its orange fire far and wide. The only thing missing here is the snow, but I'm sure it's not too far away.

Here's to the weekend and to sunsets and memories and Afterglow.