St Valentine's: The Wedding Day of Birds / by daintydora

Hearts, roses, chocolates, clinking champagne glasses, everything pink and red; all a diabolical confection, commercialisation and converging of ideas and influences that make most people want to vomit. I said most.

Yes, it's St Valentine's Day.

And I wasn't going to mention it, at all, but then I heard something on the radio that I thought was worth sharing.

It seems that the origins of the most popular customs associated with 14th February date back to the Middle Ages, stating that Valentine's Day, (halfway through the second month of the year), was the 'wedding day of birds' as this is when they would choose their mates in time for Spring.

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Chaucer is cited in all this, and in particular his poem, 'Parliament of Fowls', the literal meaning of which is 'Meeting of Birds'.

The poem was apparently penned to honor the grand wedding of Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia, regarded as one of the most successful and loving royal marriages of the Middle Ages.

Other (bird-related) symbolism and superstitions:

It was once believed that if a woman noticed a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day, it meant she would marry a sailor.
If the woman saw a sparrow, the would marry a poor man, but be very happy.
If she spied a goldfinch, it was said that her husband would be a man of great wealth.
Lovebirds are so named because they tend to sit closely together in pairs.
Doves, with their distinctive 'cooing' call, symbolize loyalty, fidelity and love since they mate for life. The dove was a bird sacred to Venus and other cultural love deities.

I do adore birds so Happy Wedding Day to all the beautiful birds of the world. May their plumage conjure love!

*This post was originally posted last year, but seeing as it is so topical, I wanted to share it again*