Midweek Poetry: Tarot + Poetry = Tarot-etry / by daintydora

I just read about this clever little poetry game via Alexandra Franzen's newsletter and this post. So I'm going to (poe)try and create Tarot-etry (see what I did there?!)

Earlier in the year I used the Druid Animal Oracle Deck to plot out my fortune for the year. June's card is the Earth Dragon:

'Earth Dragon' Animal Druid Animal Oracle Card

"Treasure of riches and potential unlocked. Beauty and power of the earth."

Auspicious. I like it.

And this about the Earth Dragon from Indigo Reading:

Once you contact your inner power and your own unique gifts the world becomes a far more beautiful place. Limitations and restrictions are lifted and you will find you can manifest all that you need because you at last understand that life has no limits, it is only humanity that creates them.

(I wonder if this means I'll win the Synaesthesia Magazine poetry competition?)

Scaled tail where treasures lurk;
the Earth Dragon's cloistered cavern.
Shaded emerald earth and ferns
form Celtic cross and chain,
pursuing daggers of riches
bronzed to gold
with the potential of their power.

It was a 5-minute effort. A fun game. A midweek Tarot-etry.

I love to experiment with words.