Midweek Poetry: Poetweet / by daintydora

I'm not a prolific tweeter. I have lots to say, but often I just tell my journal. But when Karen at Leaf & Petal sent me this link to Poetweet - poetry constructed from your own tweets in either Sonnet, Rondel or Indriso form, I was interested to see how my 'poem' would come out.

So I clicked the button (all the buttons in the end), and got a message (in Spanish, not sure what I was doing wrong) advising that I didn't have enough tweet-fodder for the tool to work. It went something like that anyway.

But: disappointment! Why hadn't I tweeted more often?

So today I tried it again and it worked. Here's my twitterings in poetic form, copied exactly, word for word:

Of colour by Rebecca HJ
COLLAGE: New Landscapes Listening to records on my Dansette Day 1 challenge is: 'Stripes' A heart in my latte
Corita_rules Of hand spun and synthetic fibers Gold at the Palace of Versailles: Of rotifers! What ARE rotifers???
Day 19 challenge: 'Miniature' (Not homemade) gingerbread biscuits Edinburgh's double-exposure Creative people traits Caiparinhas. Great hangover cure!

I'm quite pleased. What do you think?

There are some funny lines in there. I love the things it has picked up on - colour and collage and gold and 'a heart in my latte'. Are Caiparinhas a great hangover cure though? Mmm.

Give Poetweet a try (because there is a lot of 'try' in poeTRY). Hahaha!

All you need is your Twitter handle. You use Twitter, right?