Labradorite - the talismanic gem of winter / by daintydora

Recently I've read quite a few articles about how important it is to have a suitable work space or creative space in which to make, create, write, draw, focus, whatever. It makes sense of course, and I've always tried to keep the space where I work tidy and organised and filled with just the tools that I need with a few inspiring bits and bobs too. I have a white desk with adjustable legs and an orange lumbar support chair. I have a laptop and a sewing machine. I have a tiny vase for pens (and scissors, a nail file, a little hand-held looking glass...) featuring a Japanese lady in red. I have some lip balm.

And then I have my Smokey Quartz crystal.

Smokey Quartz crystal

Smokey Quartz is a protective and grounding stone, and a bit like 'Dumbo and the feather', it's comforting, reassuring and inspiring simply by its presence.

Yesterday I was attracted to a new crystal. A beautiful light blue Labradorite. It's striations; so perfect and parallel, vibrate inside it like magic. A photograph cannot do it justice. I think the way it reflects the light is referred to in the industry (or at least in the jewellery industry) as 'chatoyancy'.

Labradorite crystal

I read before I bought it that Labradorite is a good crystal to 'cushion and protect the aura'.

After searching some more online, I've also found that Labradorite is:

the stone of the Northern Lights and the matriarch of the subconscious mind

associated with the Career and Life Path area, its flowing energy assuring a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows

considered in ancient lore to be a talismanic gem of winter

It feels like it was meant to be that I would find this powerful and beautiful stone to add to my creative work space. And I love the links with winter and the Northern Lights as we head into the coldest season here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Crystals are so unique, beautiful and inexpensive. Does anyone else use crystals in their work space or in their day-to-day? I feel that all the ills in the world could surely be cured/solved through the collective power and wisdom of crystals. Maybe one day.