You Imagine What You Desire / by daintydora

Profound words. Words that form a new artwork by Nathan Coley at Jupiter Artland. You Imagine What You Desire, Jupiter Artland

Viewed, standing in a freshly painted steading of white.

But things never look white when they're on a white background. Or at least, not very easily in photographs taken on a phone. I like the way that the lights burn brightest with the background greying to black, here. Like a Playhouse in old Hollywood perhaps, or on Broadway, or at 'the shows'.

And the little lightbulbs so perfect and poppable. White light. Words lit-up. Stark and yet so full of meaning. A lightbulb moment. A time to wake-up and imagine what you desire.

I'm going to do that now. Because how often does anyone sit back and just imagine what they desire? Not very often. Not in a blank-canvas, pure-white-space kind of way; with just the words to connect with and relate to.

Nathan Coley Postcard

I bought a postcard to remind me. And was delighted to have it *signed* by Nathan himself.

The original text is from a George Bernard Shaw quote:

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

Nathan Coley through the window

Glancing back (never go back, never turn round!), a partial view, a simple glimpse, is all you get of what is inside. The words are a step removed; not fully formed; out of reach and unattainable and that I suppose is a metaphor for our true desires.

But the lights are on. A beacon. A lighthouse in the storm.

Barriers - physical, literal, figurative, tangible, intangible and every other possible permutation - can all be overcome by the creative mind.

Which returns us to the start, and just five words:

You imagine what you desire.