Illuminated Letters - Write a Letter / by daintydora

It's very sad to think that letter-writing is on the wane. I still buy letter-writing sets, notelets, cards, and adore all stationery. As part of International Women’s Day celebrations (Saturday 8th March), Glasgow Women's Library and the Gallery of Modern Art ran a series of letter-writing workshops to celebrate the lives of women from all walks of life:

"suffragettes, sportswomen, singers and scientists; philanthropists, parachutists, playwrights and pioneers; artists, anarchists, aviators and activists; environmentalists, entertainers, engineers and educators; witches, writers, workers and warriors..."

An exhibition to showcase all the letters written and received will run until 23rd March 2014.

Write a letter as part of Illuminated Letters, or to a friend or loved one. You'll make their day!