Photography is poetry / by daintydora

Part of being a magpie urges me to 'capture' things then document and preserve them. And somehow, and increasingly, I am finding that photography is able to satisfy my magpie nature better than anything else.

'Love' padlock, Helsinki I love to photograph the things that others would perhaps not consider worthy of a photograph:

things for sale all laid out in a row; souvenirs or a display in a shop window; birds pecking at rubbish; blossom when it's fallen from the tree; a deserted and desolate coastline; shadows through an archway. Never people, really, unless I have no choice.

And all my photographs mean something to me. They are my style. My image, captured and preserved. Recently I did a darkroom photography course and learnt so much about the alchemy and magic of analogue film processing, amidst the strange red light of the photographers' domain.

Taking a photograph with an analogue camera is even more like capturing something to keep close, forever, as not only is the image recorded, but you have the physical film to process into negatives and then enlarge into full size images. Again and again and again. No limits. Print and repeat. You can experiment and make mistakes and in turn discover new techniques through that very journey of mistakes. Print and repeat.

I particularly loved the sensation of slipping the photographic paper into the bath of 'developer' chemical, then waiting a few seconds, agitating the bath, watching the seconds, counting them, then flipping over the paper with long-handled tongs and seeing the image appear, deepen, blacken.

for me photography is poetry in visual form

It is a burst of emotion, a feeling, a thought, a place, a rhyme, a riddle and a story, all contained in a simple but beautiful package.

I  need to take more photographs.