Friday Diary: thoughts of autumn leaves / by daintydora

I've been collecting and photographing leaves for the past few weeks now, becoming a bit obsessed. I love all the colours and hues and shapes that nature creates. The natural world is but a beautiful kaleidoscope. A leaf and moss

Everyone who knows me, knows just how much I love autumn (have I mentioned that before?), and it's clear from going over old diaries and journals that I've written about autumn endlessly. It was interesting then to find this short extract which references autumn leaves:

If you’re travelling, you’re in transit. Not in any particular place. It’s a strange limbo between two worlds. I had left but hadn't arrived, was with no-one and didn't need to do anything at all. I was untraceable for that fleeting moment.
Staring out at the passing landscape and scenery, I wrote down what I saw. The leaves that autumn were almost edible in the descriptions I gave them: marmalade, tangerine, cinnamon, ohre.

Autumn Leaves, The Magpie Diaries Leaves in the Wood

On certain days, the colours drain away, become more like shadows. I love the power of black and white.

Black & White Leaf

And every journey has a beginning, an end, and some bends in the road...

Bend in the Road

Finally, as I was thinking about writing this post, a tiny leaf blew in the window and landed right on the keyboard of my laptop. Autumn is my season.

A leaf landed on my laptopHappy autumn days to everyone.