Friday Diary: 75 days of haiku poems / by daintydora

I started my #100daysofhaiku on 6th April - 75 days ago. It's gone slowly and it's gone quickly. (I love that in Japanese/Buddhist philosophy, opposites are always both true.) At times I've written a few in a day, other times I've struggled to come up with anything much at all and ended up with 17 syllables of silly. Other times I've been out and posted minutes - seconds - before midnight. I've written about some of my observations at various junctures/milestones along the way.

What I'm most proud of is that I've not missed a single day.

It feels like an achievement, however small, and something I'm proud of. A good habit. A daily observation of the world around me. Thoughts and feelings and experiences distilled into haiku poems.

And my enthusiasm is as high as ever as I enter the final quarter of this challenging project. I might just continue!

So here's my 75th haiku poem (which is also 'botaiku' because it has a garden/botanical theme):

Haiku poems: Day 75 of #100daysofhaiku

Weeds soar skyward-bound
vying for attention on
allotment fifteen".

Interestingly, when I scroll through my feed of haiku poems on Instagram, there seems to be a recurrence of themes such as: the moon, love, emotions, garden and ethereal, sad things.

I'm not sure what that says about me (apart from that I'm obsessed by the moon, am vivid (cliché?) when it comes to love, experience strong emotions, have recently started growing vegetables and am drawn to ethereal and sad things...)

But the accountability aspect of posting each day to Instagram has made the difference between success and waning motivation. Being accountable in this way - visually - amongst friends that are also taking part in their own 100 day projects - has made it fun to try to capture my words in new and innovative ways. I know that's not the total point, but I'm creative and I love to fully embrace the available options of sharing words on a visual platform.

I've used pen, pencil, post-it notes, my vintage typewriter, watercolours, tiny dots, coloured paper, words over images in magazines, digital images, Photoshop, a napkin, a postcard, and I've left a variety of these in public places.

I had an amazing idea to use my letter stencil quite early on, but so far its location has eluded me. There's still time.

Onwards to the next 25 days of #100daysofhaiku, and beyond.