FOUND poetry (from a Balenciaga perfume advert) / by daintydora

I love playing with words and I've featured FOUND poetry here before. Whilst flicking through the latest (free) Boots Health & Beauty magazine, I was inspired to construct a quick poem from the words used to advertise the new Balenciaga perfume.

Found Poem: 'Quite Simply'

Advert used for Found Poetry: 'Quite Simply'

It's a bit silly, but it's quick and it's *FUN*. It taps into something immediate and childlike and gets your mind thinking creatively about words and how they fit together.

And I think I'm sold on the perfume now too: "a dream of never-forgotten woody blend floral..." - yes! And the bottle is rather appealing...

I do love it when I can upcycle things, rework things, and use something that would ordinarily be discarded and forgotten, for artistic purpose.

Have you 'found' any poetry of late?