Foraging Outside, Underneath / by daintydora

Outside, underneath, it's all going on.

Nests are being built, feathered, maintained. Snail trails appear on sun and frost-dappled flagstones. Leaves have grown, died, let go, blown away, blown back. Berries emerge in hedgerows to provide during the winter months. Hibernation is near, if not already here.

Sunlight through the leaves of the Acer tree

Spider web on leaves

Snail Trails

In my own garden I've laid everything to rest as we head into winter. The soil is turned and primed and planted with bulbs that will weather the storms deep down in the earth, ready to emerge green and vibrant in the spring.

My Dad helped me clear out leaves and weeds and trim edges and hedges, wipe down tools and stow them away.

Basket of gatherings

We collected so many leaves and twigs and branches that I decided to build up a stack of them to form a nest for hedgehogs. A shelter in the damp outdoors. I'm calling it 'Hedgehog Corner', and I'd love to have a hedgehog visit my garden!

Hedgehog Corner

Beautiful rose

Petals, dropped, discarded

The colours and the branches that we cut down were so vibrant and alive to me, that I couldn't bear to toss them into the garden recycling just yet.

Foraged foliage

So I created a little foraged display of evergreen and twigs to bring the outside, in.

Foraged display So much is going on outside, underneath, while we go about our daily business and busy-ness.

It's nice to take a moment to notice, interact, enjoy, find and consider the seasons as so much changes in nature, all the time, through the seasons, with no to-do list or calendar. It just happens, and I find it magical.